Stack Sports Club & League Connect

Connect your officiating world to your leagues

Part of the Stack Sports Connect family of products, GameOfficials easily connects to everyone you work with in your sports community.


GameOfficials Gives You an Instant Connection to Your Leagues

GameOfficials™ has always provided a fast and easy way to import and export game information. Now as a product of Stack Sports Connect, GameOfficials’™ gives its customers the ability to connect directly with the organizations they work with.

Leagues that use Stack Sports Club & League Connect can easily send and connect their game schedules to GameOfficials™ for instant access by their assignors. No more importing and exporting games or hassles with last minute game schedule changes.

When you use GameOfficials™ to instantly connect to your leagues, everyone involved saves time, works with the same game schedule information, and has an improved experience managing the league.

Learn more about how you connect your GameOfficials™ to your leagues. Call us 866.892.0777 or contact us today!